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virtual renovations

C'mon, be creative... we dare you. From virtual staging, to changing kitchen cabinet color and style, to adding a fresh new coat of paint to a stale wall, to adding leaves to trees, to opening a closed pool or even adding a pool to vacant land. With our virtual staging, we've got you covered. Not only does it benefit the buyer by visualizing what a design will look like before undertaking the expensive renovations, but it makes you, the agent, look like a marketing rockstar.


Imagine this: You're ready to show the world you gorgeous photos created by Jason Naudi Photography. You're about to upload them online, then you realize there's something in the photo that shouldn't be. A remote, a cord, a pet. Or even worse, opt out of hiring Jason Naudi Photography in the first place, because of grandma's ugly green floral sofa is in the middle of the living room and there are boxes in the kitchen and the bathroom looks like a Hoarders episode. Worry not! We'll remove any and all items and clutter from any number of photos. Take a look at our examples below.

virtual cleaning and clutter removal

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